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about us

     Our company provides a wide range of fine amber jewellery and other exclusive amber products. We offer handmade, unique amber collections and our products are of the highest quality, using only the best of ethically sourced Ukrainian amber.
     Our products will pleasantly surprise you with the wide range of colours and all of the natural beauty that amber represents. Our jewellery pieces feature a wide range of quality amber gemstones, from raw and partially processed to those of the highest quality and purity. At Zen Amber we offer the full spectrum of colours in our gemstones, from the very rare whites and greens, to the traditional ‘cognac’ and the ever beautiful dark-cherry colour.

     We present our finest of gemstones in either Sterling Silver or 14 Karat Gold and the collection is regularly updated. The current collection numbers at more than 250 unique pieces. Zen Amber is also proud to offer more than just jewellery pieces. Our other unique products in 100% natural amber include pictures, icons and portraits that are created exclusively from gemstones and gemstone sands. 

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     The Panels and ‘Paintings’ are very popular with customers and our traditional Orthodox Icons are still treasured by families the world over. We also create ‘made to order’ pictures to suit any customer, from family portraits to company logos, just provide us with the picture or design you require and we will complete your unique work of art in a few short weeks.
     Don’t forget to view our sculptures and other art works, all made using only the finest of genuine, ethically sourced Ukrainian Amber.
     Please contact us today to discuss your needs and how we can work together to satisfy them.